Memorial Day Treats


1. Remember Bomb Pops? They were an awesome, iconic, patriotic, summer treat. Sure, you can buy them at the store, but why not make them at home? I saw THIS version of a homemade patriotic pop, made with fruit juices, on Pinterest, and I thought, “What on earth could make this even better? How ’bout a push-up pop?!” Lo, and behold, I found these BPA-free, re-usable, push-up pop containers on Amazon, bought myself some Berry Blue, and Cherry Jell-O, a tub of Cool Whip and TA-DA… Memorial Day Push-Up Pops! I prepared the two kinds of Jell-O according to the quick-set package directions. Then, I placed two tablespoons of the Berry Blue Jell-O into the bottom of each washed and assembled pop. I let the blue Jell-O set up for about 15 minutes in the freezer. (Hint: My freezer has those white wire shelves, which worked perfectly for these by allowing the stick to hang down in between the wires of the shelf while the pop sat nice and level in the freezer.) Next, I used a disposable piping bag to pipe in (approximately) two tablespoons of Cool Whip on top of the blue Jell-O layer. (If you don’t have a piping bag, just use a Ziploc bag with the corner cut off.) Allow the Cool Whip layer to set up for 10-15 minutes. Finally, add two tablespoons of the red Jell-O, and place in freezer until ready to serve. There was room to add another layer or two to each pop, but I was aiming for a smaller portion– just enough for my son to enjoy, but not enough to cause a sugar melt-down. And, he did enjoy them! If you don’t have time to order the push-up pop containers, go ahead and make them in some good ‘ole Dixie cups with popsicle sticks, but go ahead and order the push-up containers for later. They are too fun not to have on hand.

2. I mentioned THIS Strawberry Lemonade recipe in yesterday’s post. It is awesome, and it would make the perfect addition to your Memorial Day menu. I even threw some leftover strawberry lemonade in a blender with a banana, and a few ice cubes to make a yummy smoothie today. Don’t forget those cute paper straws are available for purchase HERE.

3. The stars and cupcake wrappers shown in the picture are from a FREE printable from Amanda’s Parties To Go. To get the printable, click the link. It will take you to her Facebook page. LIKE her Facebook page. After you do that, you should see a blue tab that say’s “Click Here”, with a drop down menu next to it. Click on the drop down arrow, and find the “July 4th Freebie.” The file is loaded with cute things from the cupcake wrappers and toppers seen in picture 3, to the cute printables seen in picture 4.

4. I packaged cookies in some cute favor bags from my Etsy store decorated with cut outs from the free printable that I mentioned above. You could put popcorn, fruit, trail mix or any number of things into the festive paper cones, and cookies, popcorn or any kind of snack into the favor bags.

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