Hydrangea Cookies

hy3Hydrangeas are my favorite flower, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when I owned a bakery, decorating cupcakes as hydrangeas was one of my favorite things to do. Since I no longer own the cupcake shop, I decide to try hydrangeas on cookies. While searching for ideas, I came across THIS post from the popular blog, Glorious Treats, which inspired me to make these hydrangea cookies. The original post used a embroidery frosting technique that, while beautiful, is very time consuming. So, I opted to use a buttercream piping technique that worked much faster for me, and still yielded a beautiful result. (Glorious Treats also has a hydrangea piping tutorial HERE.)

I started the cookies with my favorite rolled sugar cookie recipe. (TIP: Be sure to let the dough chill for a couple of hours.) Then, I rolled it out about 1/4 of inch thick and cut out flower and leaf shapes. You could bake the shapes separately, or together as I did. (See image below.)

After I baked the cookies, and let them cool completely, I frosted the leaves with green, royal frosting. (I used a disposable piping bag, with no tip. I just cut a very small opening in the bag.) I make my royal frosting with Wilton Meringue Powder, and there is a recipe right on the jar. I outlined each leaf and let the outline dry a little before filling the leaf center with frosting.  Let the leaf frosting dry before adding anything else. I piped some leaf details in a lighter shade of green, but be sure the leaf base coat is dry first.

While the royal frosting was drying on the “leaves”, I mixed up a basic batch of buttercream frosting. I colored half violet, and the other half cornflower blue. I used the Wilton 2D tip in a disposable bag and layered the frosting in the piping bag, alternating colors between the violet and blue. Use the press and pull method, to drop frosting flowers onto your cookie I finished off my cookies by adding some Wilton Pearlized Sugar Sprinkles.20130517-130001.jpg

For this project, you will need…hydrangea cookie

  • A flower cookie cutter
  • A leaf cookie cutter
  • Disposable Pastry Bags
  • Wilton 2D frosting tip
  • Wilton Tip No. 2 (for leaf detail)
  • Meringue Powder (for Royal Frosting)
  • Leaf Green Gel Color
  • Violet Gel Color
  • Cornflower Blue Gel Color
  • Pearlized Sugar Sprinkles
  • One batch of rolled sugar cookie dough
  • One batch of buttercream frosting
  • One batch of royal frosting

Also see…

If you haven’t visited the Glorious Treats website yet, you should. She posts beautiful work. Be sure to check out these two hydrangea posts for full how-to tutorials.

Hydrangea Cupcake How-to from Glorious Treats

Embroidered Hydrangea Cookies (with directions) from Glorious Treats


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